Pre-Wetting Systems

pre-wetting systems



Our “SB” Saddle Bags Series is designed to fit in the triangular space on the sides of a spreader and to fit in a dump body if required.  Tank sizes range from 20 gallon, for pick up spreaders to 150 for tandem axle trucks.

REED SYSTEMS, LTD. pioneered the use of liquid melting agents and application equipment in the late 1970’s. With over 15,000 prewetting systems in use across North America, we have proven the durability of our equipment.  We also have proven the service that has allowed some of our customers to get two decades of use from our equipment. The experience and knowledge that we have gained while working with our long-term customers has allowed us to continually improve our products. 


That experience and knowledge gives added value to those who purchase our products.  There is a clear choice to be made when purchasing equipment.  We hope that you choose to purchase well designed equipment that works dependably in the middle of a cold January night.  That is the reason why our customers invariably have successful pre-wetting programs.  Thin walled tanks, plastic fittings and poorly designed, unprotected pumps consistently fail when they are needed most, destroying confidence of the operators and mechanics.



Our ”TG” Tailgate Series is designed to fit on  the  tailgate  of  the truck. Capacities range from 35  to 180 gallon. (shown left) Our “CM”, Chassis Mount Series, is designed to fit between the cab and dump body. (clearance of 14” is required)  Capacities range from 60 to 160 gallons.


A DIVERSE LINE OF EQUIPMENT - With tanks of various shapes and sizes ranging from 20 to 200 gallons, Reed Systems can equip a wide range of trucks with pre-wetting systems.  We can equip hopper spreaders with capacities from 1 cubic yard to 16 cubic yards, with tanks with the capacity to allow you to treat multiple loads of granular material.  We have tanks specifically designed for tailgate spreaders ranging in size from 35 gallons to 180 gallons.  We have tanks with protective frames to mount on the chassis of the vehicle.

QUALITY ASSURANCE - Pre-wetting equipment is used in the worst imaginable conditions.  Constantly exposed to vibration, abrasion, corrosion and temperatures down to –40oF, the equipment must function dependably.  If it does not, personal injury or death may result.  If it breaks down the truck has to be taken out of service and some poor mechanic has to fix it.  (Usually in the middle of the night.  Have you ever immersed your fingers in –40oF liquid?)  Those are the reasons why we use durable, proven components to manufacture our systems.  We add extra polyethylene resins during the rotational molding process to get added wall thickness and tap brass fittings into areas of further increases wall thickness allowing us to offer a five year warranty on our tanks.