Overhead Spray Systems

overhead spray systems


The Reed System consists of a precast, reinforced concrete base, galvanized tower and spray arm. A heavy duty polyethylene enclosure protects product pump and related equipment.

A control panel can be located at any location, either inside or outside, convenient for the operation of the system. Remote, wireless operation is also available.

Our standard system provides two boom spray heights, and four application rates, which are pre-programmed and selected by means of position switches mounted on the control console. 

Our entire system is prefabricated and can be installed operational, on site, including the storage tank, in less than four hours. In the future, if required, the system, including the tank, can be relocated with less than a days work. 

The system also can be used to fill on-board pre-wetting tanks or service summer dust control sprayers.

The Reed Systems Overhead Spray System, Model PA-50-M, is a complete wetting and distribution system consisting of a galvanized Spray Tower and Boom fitted with a Schedule 80 PVC Spray Bar and brass nozzles. The spray bar height is controlled by a self-braking winch, that sets and holds the bar at a customer determined height.

The system is controlled from a weatherproof NEMA 4 fiberglass control box located on the spray tower.  The control box contains the control panel, remote receiver, and all other electrical components.  The system includes a 175 watt Dawn-to-Dusk Mercury Vapor light and all necessary valves, hoses and nozzles.

Application rate is selected and changed by the 0-99.9 second timer located in the control box.  The system output is 50 g.p.m. (.833 gallons/second) and can be operated from the fixed control panel on the Spray Tower or by remote transmitters.  The 1-hp. pump is protected by a polyethylene enclosure and quickly sprays loads of abrasives, fills truck mounted tanks and, if required, recirculate de-icing liquids.