Liquid Anti-Icing Systems

Multi-Purpose Direct Liquid Application Systems

  • Designed for year round use - ice/dust control
  • Chassis mount or frame mount to slide into a dump body
  • Single & multi lane capability    
  • Ground speed, data logging control systems
  • Polyethylene or stainless steel tanks    
  • Optional features - hand hose capability pressure washing

Reed Systems has been involved in the application of liquid melting agents and liquid dust palliatives for 35 years and have been innovators in the development of liquid application equipment over that period.  Because of that experience and our background as a liquid application contractor, we understand the value of having a multi-purpose liquid applicator at your disposal.  We also have learned how to make our equipment work dependably in the worst possible conditions that are experienced during winter maintenance operations.  

But those conditions exist only during the winter months.  We have also learned how to make a liquid application system that can be used throughout the entire year.  Instead of purchasing several specialized pieces of equipment for street flushing, dust control, liquid ice control, support of paving operations, watering, pressure washing and other specialized functions, we can provide a single piece of equipment that can be mounted on a standard highway maintenance vehicle that can serve all those functions.

Our systems vary from multi-compartment stainless steel tank trucks with sophisticated ground speed oriented controls capable of applying selected amounts of liquid to multiple pavement lanes at different speeds to simple, manually controlled units mounted on pickup trucks.  We also retrofit existing tank trucks with liquid application systems.

The most efficient, cost effective equipment is a heavy-duty polyethylene tank on a sturdy steel frame, mounted in the bed of an existing dump truck, connected to the truck’s hydraulic system and controlled by a Reed System controller.  The unit can be mounted or dismounted in a few minutes and equipped for the following uses.


Liquid Anti-Icing • Dust Control – Soil Stabilization

Street Flushing • Spraying Ahead Of A Street Sweeper

Hand Hose Flushing • Hand Hose Watering

Filling Paving Rollers • Pressure Washing

Roadside Spraying • Dewatering Manholes