Hydraulics & Ground Speed

hydraulics & ground spread


Reed Systems has the capability to design, install and test complete hydraulic systems including the latest model of ground speed controls.

We have a room dedicated to hydraulic testing that is equipped with valving, flow and pressure gauges and temperature gauges to thoroughly analyze the operation of hydraulic components and the control systems. The hydraulic flow for testing this equipment is generated by a DT 466 International engine that drives a 35 gpm hydraulic pump. We also have outside tanks that contain liquid melting agents and interior tanks with spray bars and test equipment so we can realistically test melting agents and delivery systems to verify performance and durability. The hydraulic lines are extended to an adjacent bay in our shop to allow us to connect our hydraulic system to trucks to thoroughly check the performance of existing equipment. We also have mobile test equipment to analyze the operation of hydraulic systems in the field.

Because we have designed, and manufacture, our own solid state ground speed control systems and assemble and test those components in our shop, we also have the capability to trouble shoot electronic control systems.
We have skilled people who can identify problems, either electronic or hydraulic, and develop solutions and get your equipment running. Many times our technicians, with the help of a mobile phone, can talk your mechanic through a problem and quickly get a system back on line. If a problem persists, we will overnight a component to you or make a personal service call to solve a problem.

If you're tired of hearing, "It's not my problem." and want to do business with a Company that can design, deliver, install and support a high quality system to assure the success of your program, we would appreciate your response.