Consulting Services

consulting services

Because Reed Systems pioneered the use of liquid melting agents in the late 1970's and developed the first successful truck mounted pre-wetting equipment in the early 1980's, we have more experience than any other company in North America. During that period we worked closely with scores of Highway Departments to develop equipment to meet their needs. We also worked with them to determine application rates and procedures. We learned what components withstood the severe conditions presented during Winters in North America. We learned what materials worked and the ones that did not.

That process took a decade and has continued to evolve for 25 more years. Over the past several years, we are seeing others experience the same learning curve. In many instances equipment was purchased that did not work. In some instances hazardous conditions were created on the roads. In many instances because of the problems encountered, programs failed or stagnated. Most times the equipment failed when it was needed most. The work force lost confidence in anti-icing and the leaders lost credibility.

That process can be prevented or rectified.


Reed Systems offers a consulting service to:

1. Evaluate the needs of the community and determine the level of service required.
2. Assist in the presentation of the program to the political structure that controls the purse strings and to the public who uses the roads.
3. Assist in the selection and specification of the equipment needed.
4. Assist in the selection of materials that are most economical and yet meet the climatic demands of the area.
5. Evaluate the environmental considerations of the area.
6. Develop application procedures in response to the demands of the road network.
7. Provide initial and recurrent training to keep your people headed in the same direction.

Today you are being inundated with claims by equipment manufacturers and material suppliers. Most have only been in the business for a couple years and do not understand what is required to initiate and sustain a successful program. Many simply care only about being the low bidder and can't solve problems when they arise or give you advice to prevent the problems before they arise.

When we were starting pre-wetting 35 years ago it was difficult to get highway managers to make a full commitment to the process. Storage tanks, dispensing systems and application equipment had to be purchased.
An initial investment of $10,000 to $15,000 was required to do the job right and naturally many hesitated because we had no long term track record. Reed Systems solved that problem by offering the following guarantee, "If you purchase our equipment, and materials and follow the procedures we recommend, if at any time during the first year the highway supervisor can look me in the eye and say that better results were not achieved at reduced cost, I would refund the purchase price for the equipment in full.” With over 200 initial customers we were never asked to honor that guarantee.

We will offer a similar guarantee 35 years later. If you allow us to work with you to develop a comprehensive winter maintenance program, purchase our equipment and follow the procedures we recommend, we will guarantee the success of your program. If at any time while the agreement is in place, higher levels of service are not provided at reduced cost, we will refund the money in full for the equipment purchased in the past 12 months and for the cost of consulting. Is there any other Company out there who offers the same guarantee?