Based on 35 years of innovation in winter maintenance procedures and input from hundreds of customers across the country, REED SYSTEMS has developed a line of equipment, materials and components to meet the needs of any operation.


We pioneered the use of liquid melting agents for pre-wetting and anti-icing in the late 1970’s and developed the first successful truck mounted pre-wetting systems in North America (and in the World as far as we know) in the early 1980’s.

Our equipment is still the standard for design and dependability and has been imitated by many others in the past several years.  Our competitors may imitate, but they cannot duplicate the 35 years of experience that comes with our equipment.  


Our record of dependability and prompt support of our equipment is unmatched.  We design our equipment to be dependable in the worst possible conditions.  

We do not simply drop off equipment in your yard.   Our equipment comes with 35 years of experience behind it.  We will share that experience and knowledge with you to assure your program's success, and we will provide long term support to make sure that success is sustained.


All of our tanks are guaranteed for five years.  All base station and mobile delivery systems are guaranteed for one year. 

Our equipment is the most dependable, durable equipment money can buy, and we stand behind it, for the long term.